About SeeByte

Operating from offices in Edinburgh, Scotland and San Diego, California, SeeByte has achieved a position of leadership in the development of smart software for underwater vehicles, sensors and systems in both the Military and Oil & Gas sectors. SeeByte provides products and services to major government and commercial clients around the world.

In the military sector, SeeByte’s SeeTrack Military software has been chosen by nineteen of the world’s navies to optimise operations involving unmanned underwater vehicles. SeeTrack Military enables fast and efficient mission-planning, monitoring and post-mission analysis.

In the oil & gas sector, SeeByte has developed tools to automate complex subsea tasks. In order to lessen the demands placed upon operators, smart software technology can be used to make operations more efficient and consistent. Through SeeByte’s software capabilities, operators can focus on the job at hand with a higher level of confidence in vehicle control, improving quality and reducing the time and cost of performing a range of subsea tasks.

SeeByte is increasingly partnering with leading hardware manufacturers to provide enhanced capabilities for their sensors and systems. These partnerships are changing the subsea industry by providing turn-key robotic solutions, capable of carrying out complex and often risky operations in a safe and more efficient manner. SeeByte’s current partnerships include:

  • Subsea 7: This collaboration will result in AIV (Autonomous Inspection Vehicle), the first truly autonomous inspection vehicle for the offshore Oil & Gas industry
  • SMD: Paired with SeeByte, SMD now offer advanced vehicle control software with a range of automated capabilities for work class ROVs
  • VideoRay: Equipping Micro ROVs with advanced control software for a range of automated capabilities
  • Bluefin Robotics: Bluefin’s 21-inch AUV platforms are equipped with SeeTrack AutoTracker to autonomously perform export pipeline inspections
  • Teledyne Blueview: Providing advanced tracking software for forward looking sonars