Dstl purchase from SeeByte 5 Solar Licenses for Unmanned Air Vehicle Integration

December 2017- SeeByte, the global leader in creating smart software for unmanned maritime systems, have sold 5 developer Solar licenses to an unmanned air vehicle (UAV) autonomy project within the Platform Systems division at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl). The licenses will facilitate the integration of a fleet of unmanned air vehicles with the SeeByte Neptune autonomy engine.

Neptune allows multiple vehicles to be run through a single central command station. It also allows inter-vehicle communication with all the Neptune enabled vehicles in the fleet for collaborative autonomous operations. Aerial vehicles can be used as part of a multi-domain fleet to enhance the capabilities of maritime platforms. This work was done in preparation for Dstl’s Project Tempest, which aims to demonstrate 5 Dstl-owned UAVs flying autonomously under Neptune.

A team member at Dstl commented “By using SeeByte’s Solar software, we are able to exploit previous work done under the Maritime Autonomy Framework and apply it to air vehicle operations. The concept of a fleet of air vehicles, operated from a distance, using adaptive goal-based autonomy to carry out a variety of missions, is one that offers clear potential benefits for future forces”.

The vehicles will run through Dstl’s Maritime Autonomy Framework (MAF) realised through SeeByte’s Neptune software, an open architecture programme enabling autonomous multi-vehicle collaboration. Neptune also includes behaviours capable of adapting the mission based on changes in the environment, assets and mission objectives; benefits which will be useful for future unmanned operations.