Joining Humans and Robots at the Hip : UDT 2019

May 2019 – Join Dr Scott Reed, Head of Engineering at SeeByte as he presents his paper Joining humans and robots at the hip, transitioning from command and control to teaming and trust’ at UDT 2019.

Tues 14th May 9:30am Theatre 3 

Combinations of Unmanned Maritime Systems (UMS) are being deployed by Navies to collect data from remote regions of the Oceans. These systems are being required to operate for long periods of time in co-operation with manned operations, often in communication limited environments where information must be delivered in a prioritised and compact manner.   The successful interaction and co-operation between UMS and manned systems requires advances in Human-Machine-Interactions (HMI) over current approaches typically employed with autonomy systems.   This paper describes several novel approaches to the audience around information extraction and sharing, offering an improved user experience that enables operators to trust and team more effectively with their UMS to achieve the objectives of their missions. These approaches are a result of lessons learnt from the recent multi-national exercises of Unmanned Warrior’16 and Autonomous Warrior’18, offering opportunities for operators to interact, control and monitor their UMS in a more intuitive and natural manner.  This paper will discuss how these information extraction models and multimodal interfaces can be exploited in an operational environment to reduce uncertainty and cognitive load of mission progress, increase situational awareness and trust from operators, and enable collaboration between platforms and humans. Ultimately this transitions the human from being an observer to an active participant in the mission.