SeeTrack V4

SeeTrack is the leading technology used by Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Clearance Divers around the world, to achieve success in managing their off-board assets during dangerous and demanding missions. So far, SeeTrack has been chosen as the tool of choice by over 21 navies worldwide.

As a commercially available, equipment independent mission planning, monitoring and post-mission analysis tool, SeeTrack generates a single integrated picture of events from multiple sensors and platforms, providing actionable information and fast results when it matters most.
Designed with the operator in mind, this unique system for rapid on-site analysis and fusion of sensor data has been effectively utilized within numerous military & security exercises, surveys and operations.


SeeTrack provides a single integrated system to enable mission planning, vehicle monitoring and sensor post-mission analysis for all unmanned assets for survey operations. This can effectively reduce the training burden and increase operator efficiency by reducing the number of individual software packages that must be employed.

SeeTrack also enables simultaneous multiple platform and mission visualization. In particular, missions can be combined to form a single integrated tactical picture from all the sensor data gathered from multiple missions. This enables EOD teams to effectively manage a fleet of heterogeneous assets for operations such MCM and port and harbour security survey missions.

Key Features for SeeTrack:

  • Equipment Independent – Common mission planner reduces the operator training burden and increases force interoperability
  • Supports the World’s Leading Brands of AUVs, ROVs and sonars – Select hardware that suits your requirements, not ours
  • Simultaneous Platform & Mission Visualization – Improve accuracy and save time on future mission
  • Mosaicing of Side-Scan Sonar – Operation coverage is available in real-time using this powerful visual aid
  • Video & Forward-Look Sonar Georeferencing – Find desired regions quickly without tedious video-trawling
  • Contact Management Tools Database – Sort through contacts effectively while maintaining an accurate database
  • Integrates with Tactical Decision Software – Integrate with MEDAL or MINTACS to conform with your procedures
  • Software Development Kit Available – Reduce transition times for new technology by integrating third-party hardware and software directly with SeeTrack
  • Additional Modules – Improve mission time and accuracy while training operators using our Automatic Target Recognition System and our Seafloor Complexity module

Q: Why do I need a situation awareness product?

Explosive Ordnance Disposal personnel must have an ability to look at their operating environment in a single picture. To do this the system should integrate data products and plan missions within an easy-to-use common operating environment. Integration of the analysis and display all of underwater and airborne sensors, with global command and control systems is critical. This is accomplished using the situational awareness product SeeTrack.

Q: We have more than one vehicle and sensor. Will SeeTrack work with this?

SeeTrack’s modular design was built with multiple sensors and vehicles as one of its primary capabilities.

Q: Do I need the platform manufactures software?

The modules in SeeTrack that interface with the platform manufactures device are typically written by, or in conjunction with, the manufacturer. The manufacturer’s software to perform vehicle checks and ensure safety operations of the platform are critical and are still required.

Q: We want to use SeeTrack but we have a sensor/platform that you do not support. What can we do?

As SeeTrack is a highly modular system, our open software development kits allow anyone to develop plug-in modules that enable additional sensor and platform support.

Q: What is the difference between COIN and SeeTrack?

The common operator interface (COIN) is how the US Navy refers to the SeeTrack product that has the US Navy tactical decision system MEDAL tightly integrated.

Q: What is the price for a single-user license of SeeTrack?

Please contact our sales department at:

Q: What is the price for the software development kits?

The Software Development Kits for SeeTrack are available free of charge with the purchase of a SeeTrack license. You may request them from:

Q: Can I try SeeTrack before I buy it?<

For operating SeeTrack we recommend that a training package is completed. Please contact for further information

Q: What are the system requirements and supported platforms for SeeTrack?

SeeTrack runs on the UK and US English versions of Windows XP and Windows 7. For complete system requirements, see the specifications page.

Q: How can I report a bug within SeeTrack or an error in the documentation, or submit a feature request for a future version of the product?

You can submit bug reports, documentation errors, and feature requests by emailing SeeByte software engineers review these reports and do their best to address these requests in the next product release cycle.

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