Alastair Cormack

Technical Client Manager

Alastair Cormack holds the position of Technical Client Manager within SeeByte’s sales team, where he is responsible for managing select accounts and dealing with specialist technical clients. Alastair’s initial software engineering background in both military and offshore sectors, paired with keen business acumen and problem-solving skills, has created the perfect synergy required for this position.

Alastair joined SeeByte as a founding member of the management team. He established his career at SeeByte as the principal architect of SeeTrack technology. Throughout his many years of industry experience, Alastair has developed SeeByte’s navigation processing system, using image databases and multimedia products, become a trained UUV operator and worked in offshore operations for over 10 years. Alastair has also played an active role in many military working groups, in the US and with other NATO countries.

Alastair’s favourite pastime is spending every free moment with his young family. However, he still can be found enjoying a variety of adventure sports every now and then. It is not unusual to hear tales of Alastair flying down mountains on his bike in California, sailing in the Firth of Forth, waterskiing in Singapore or snowboarding in Canada.