Scott Reed

Engineering Director

Head of Engineering Dr Scott Reed leads SeeByte’s engineering group. He is responsible for the delivery of SeeByte’s engineering solutions, for monitoring quality assurance and ensuring SeeByte’s engineering group fulfils their technical, support and training requirements.

Having earned his Master’s degree in Astrophysics, Scott attended the Ocean Systems Laboratory at Heriot-Watt University where he completed his PhD specialising in automated detection and classification techniques for side-scan sonar systems. Scott joined SeeByte in 2004 and in 2005 was an invited scientist at the NATO Undersea Research Centre in La Spezia, Italy. In 2006 Scott became the Technologies Development Manager at SeeByte, overseeing the company’s involvement in US ONR programs such as VSW Mine Neutralization and Confined Area Search. Scott became SeeByte’s Head of Engineering in 2009.

Scott has dedicated a significant period of time practising the Japanese Martial Art of Aikido and in his spare time instructs a class in Edinburgh. He is also a keen swimmer and enjoys vacationing throughout Europe during his free time.