This record-breaking software enables AUVs to detect and track a pipeline using existing payload sensors. The technology allows for improved inspection data, time-reductions due to fewer repeat missions and has the ability to reason logically when faced with multiple pipelines or unexpected burials.

Using AutoTracker ensures that, throughout the entire survey, the correct and most accurate data is gathered by your AUV.


AutoTracker allows operators to gather the highest quality data for pipeline surveys. AutoTracker has the ability to fly the AUV a fixed distance from a pipeline, resulting in smooth, even data collection.


Some Key Features of AutoTracker:

  • Fully Autonomous Pipeline Tracking & Survey Payload – Ensure high quality data is gathered by maintaining a constant offset to the pipeline
  • Rapid Post-Processing – Using surface software you can be ready to report anomalies as soon as the AUV is recovered
  • Survey Speeds of up to 4 Knots – Complete your survey four times faster than with an ROV
  • Stable Platform for your Sensor – Acquire higher quality data than with a towed side-scan sonar
  • Deals with Known and Unknown Burials – Allows user flexibility midsurvey when faced with challenges
  • Proven – AutoTracker has been deployed commercially and successfully in four continents
  • Open Architecture – AutoTracker can accommodate inputs from multiple sensors, future-proofing the system and keeping you ahead of the game

Q: What is AutoTracker?

AutoTracker is made up of embedded and surface software that enable an AUV to detect and track a pipeline. The surface software can also be used to analyze the data gathered by the AUV.

Q: Why Do AUVs Need AutoTracker?

AutoTracker maintains the AUV at a constant offset from the pipeline. This offset can be chosen to optimize the data-gathering process. Without AutoTracker the AUVs trajectory must be predetermined. In order to do this, both the as-laid information for the pipe and the AUV navigation system must be of sufficient accuracy to ensure that all the relevant data will be gathered. This becomes an impossible challenge when using standard AUV navigation systems and, if met, the data is not optimal for processing.

Q: What Happens When the Pipe Goes Into Burial?

The AutoTracker software plans an optimal route to detect and re-acquire the pipeline. The AutoTracker software can cope with both expected and unexpected pipe burials. During buried sections, an unbroken seabed context record is collected.

Q: Can AutoTracker Work With Any AUV?

AutoTracker has been integrated into and been shown to work with three very different AUV systems. At its core lies a modular design. A new AUV will require the development of a new interface module, the rest of the AutoTracker should remain unchanged.

Q: What is the price of AutoTracker?

Please contact our sales department at:

Q: What level of documentation is provided with the system?

The following documentation is available with the system:

  • A built-in help file showing how to use the various features.
  • A printed user and installation manual.
  • Factory test certificate.
  • Trouble-shooting guide.

Q: How can I report a bug within AutoTracker or an error in the documentation, or submit a feature request for a future version of the product?

You can submit bug reports, documentation errors, and feature requests by SeeByte software engineers review these reports and do their best to address these requests in the next product release cycle.

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