SeeByte’s SeeTrack v4 now includes support for Sonardyne’s Solstice Sonar

February 2018 – As part of SeeByte’s drive to support a wide-range of sensors and platforms, SeeTrack V4 software has recently been integrated with Sonardyne’s Solstice Multi Aperture Sonar (MAS) to allow users to process and display side scan sonar and bathymetry data in high resolution.

Solstice MAS is designed for Mine-Counter Measures (MCM) and Hydrographic AUV operations and provides high-resolution imagery to assist in mine recognition and hydrography tasks.  Combined with SeeTrack V4, the leading independent mission planning, monitoring and analysis tool, this offers users the ability to improve both the area coverage and the post-mission analysis results.  High-quality digital mosaics can be generated for both the side-scan and bathymetry data.

The imagery produced by Solstice is designed to be of the highest quality possible from side scan sonar, with an along-track resolution of 0.15°.  The low power and wide swath results in long vehicle endurance and high area coverage rates.  The result is improved Probability of Detection and decreased Probability of False Alarms improving Mine Counter-measures, Archaeological, Search and Salvage missions.

SeeByte’s Technical Client Manager, Alastair Cormack, said “We are constantly adding the latest generation of sensors and platforms to our SeeTrack product line, to ensure customers can work with their preferred hardware”.