Smart Partners

SeeByte’s Smart Partnerships are changing the subsea industry by providing turn-key robotic solutions, capable of carrying out complex and often risky operations in a safe and more efficient manner. Smart Partnerships are based on mutually beneficial arrangements for both parties, allowing each company use their expertise to work together to provide game-changing solutions for the subsea industry. These collaborations have resulted in SeeByte and their partners being able to showcase several never-seen before capabilities.

SeeByte is at the leading edge of software solutions and data management for the subsea industry. From autonomous riser and pipeline inspections using AUVs and ROVs, to state-of-the-art Automatic Target Recognition for side-scan sonar in Mine Countermeasures, SeeByte’s unique solutions are adding value to our customers’ operations. SeeByte’s ability to partner with other companies has been the key ingredient in making these solutions possible.

With over 12 years’ experience developing software solutions for the military and oil and gas sectors SeeByte can offer a wide variety of capabilities including:

  • Signal and image processing
  • Subsea navigation
  • Command and control software
  • Autonomous solutions for subsea industries
  • Database management
  • User interfaces
  • GIS and real-time solutions

Subsea 7

Subsea 7 have collaborated with SeeByte to develop an Autonomous Inspection Vehicle (AIV).


Together VideoRay and SeeByte offer two products to provide advanced piloting capabilities to the Pro 4 ROV

General Dynamics Mission Systems (Bluefin Robotics Products)

SeeByte’s commercial partnership with Bluefin Robotics will couple the Bluefin-21 AUVs with SeeByte’s SeeTrack AutoTracker software system.


EdgeTech's LMCS sonar is now fully integrated with SeeByte’s Automated Target Recognition (ATR) software.


Together with SeeByte, Seatronics are now offering the Predators integrated with CoPilot, an easy-to-use, plug-and play software that makes piloting any ROV a much simpler task.


SeeByte has formed a partnership with ASV, leading supplier of Unmanned and Autonomous Marine Systems, where the two companies will collaborate to bring new advanced capabilities and solutions to the field of maritime autonomy.


SeeByte and Tritech International Limited, providers of imaging and ancillary equipment for underwater applications, have integrated SeeByte’s target tracking capabilities into Tritech’s Gemini 720is multibeam imaging sonar software.

OceanServer Technology

SeeByte and Ocean Server, a leading manufacturer of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), have collaborated to bring to market the Iver3 EOD-XO Neptune Edition.