OceanServer Technology

SeeByte and Ocean Server, a leading manufacturer of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), have collaborated to bring to market the Iver3 EOD-XO Neptune Edition.

In response to specific requirements addressing the Mine Counter-Measure (MCM) challenge, OceanServer and SeeByte decided to collaborate to make the EOD-XO Neptune Edition a commercial off-the-shelf product. The companies recently successfully delivered three Iver3 systems with SeeByte’s software to the United Kingdom’s (UK) Ministry of Defence (MOD) Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S).

Equipped with a Klein UUV 3500 side-scan sonar, Teledyne RDI Explorer DVL w/ADCP, WHOI Micro modem, Iridium Communications and operator console, the system offers users a fully complete and comprehensive package ideal for MCM missions.

Designed to enhance Mine Counter-Measure (MCM) missions, the system offers the following features:

• Launch and recovery software management
• Water column flight management
• Static and dynamic exclusion zones, survey and re-acquire tasks
• Real-time progress and status monitoring
• Data management and contact reporting tools