SeeByte, a global leader in developing smart software solutions for unmanned maritime systems, today announced that the Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN), a long-term user of SeeTrack v3, have upgraded to SeeTrack V4, the Command and Control software designed to make their missions at sea more efficient.

SeeTrack v4 will provide RNZN with the most up to date software solutions to maximise the capabilities of their AUV fleet, while maintaining operator control and improved situational awareness during dangerous and demanding missions.

SeeByte’s Technical Client Manager, Alastair Cormack said,

“SeeByte is proud to continue its support of the RNZN. This update will enable the Navy to use our latest generation of software tools to enable important decisions to be made using the best quality of information available. We are pleased to continue to offer the highest level of support and training to the RNZN as they safeguard the harbours and coastlines of New Zealand”.

SeeByte’s SeeTrack software was successfully delivered to the RNZN in partnership with New Zealand Ocean Technology Ltd.

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