Command and control software to manage multi-domain missions, monitor the tactical picture, and task a diverse range of uncrewed systems.


Autonomy engines that enable collaborative operation, decentralised control, and real-time adaption for any uncrewed maritime system.


Intelligent perception algorithms that ensure uncrewed maritime systems can understand and adapt to their environment.

Intelligent Perception
Providing situational awareness across all uncrewed systems.

SeeTrack v4 enables efficient mission planning, monitoring, and post mission analysis for single or multi-vehicle operations.

Neptune provides goal-based planning, and mission-level autonomy for complex, multi-vehicle operations.                                                 

Our ATR System provides a comprehensive suite of tools for operator-assisted ATR and can be tuned for a variety of target types and environments.

SeeByte provides clients in the global maritime industry with the most advanced software solutions to enhance the capabilities of their uncrewed systemsCompatible with any systems, our technology supports routine operations right through to the most challenging and dangerous of missions

Training & Support
From mission planning, to advanced module training.

Learn how to integrate our tools into your workflows.

We will provide you with the know-how to plan your first mission, through to using our advanced analysis modules. Our SeeTrack training takes four days and ideally includes in-water exercises with your vehicles.  Combination training, for example with ATR or Neptune, can also be provided upon request.

Our dedicated support team are always here to help. 

We provide support and maintenance on all our products for the first year, and our packages can be tailored to fit your needs and budget. Additional support can also be purchased in single or multi-year blocks.

Integrate your ideas with our open interface software.

Our products are built using commercially-controlled open architectures and full Software Development Kits (SDK) are provided. Our developer training for experienced software developers will take you through a series of coding exercises building specialist knowledge of the open interfaces.

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