About us

SeeByte is the global leader in creating robust, reliable, and innovative software solutions for uncrewed maritime systems. Our open architecture technology provides enhanced capability, autonomy, and value to maritime systems and their users.

With over 15 years’ experience in the maritime sector, our highly skilled engineers develop, test, and deliver cutting edge software solutions to the global maritime market.

SeeByte's global reach

Expert team

We specialise in software solutions for uncrewed maritime systems, and have built a fantastic team of over 60 specialist engineers. We recognise that maintaining our technical edge is vital to our continued success. To stay ahead, we recruit, develop, and maintain the very best talent. Since the company began in 2002, many of the founders and original employees of SeeByte remain in the company.

Global partnerships

We are committed to working with partners and customers to provide products and solutions that exceed expectations. In partnership with Subsea 7, we have produced the world’s first fully autonomous hover capable inspection vehicle; the AIV. Our SeeTrack software, Neptune autonomy system, and Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) system have been successfully demonstrated and selected for use by key naval customers across the globe. Effective relationships such as this are pivotal to our software development through collaboration of technology and understanding to create reliable assets for real life scenarios.

Staying ahead of the curve

With a specific focus on maritime-based capabilities we provide solutions to the defence, oil and gas, and oceanography sectors. We continually develop our technology, and with recent advancements in Augmented Reality and Deep Learning technology, we are evolving our capabilities to create software solutions that will improve the interaction between human and machine.