SeeByte is excited to launch the Area Breakdown Tool (ABT), which is designed to increase operators of unmanned maritime systems (UMS) efficiency in planning complex Mine Countermeasure (MCM) missions.

SeeByte’s Area Breakdown Tool (ABT) has been designed to help operators divide large Operational Areas into smaller sections that can then be assigned to the unmanned systems. These areas can be customised for the platform type, the mission duration, or the number of vehicles in the squad.  The result is that the ABT will aid the operator to efficiently prepare a set of sortie plans and quickly evaluate alternatives for a complex mission involving multiple unmanned maritime vehicles.

SeeByte's Technical Client Manager, Alastair Cormack said,

“Our SeeTrack software allows operators to plan, execute and assess an MCM mission in a fraction of the time. The Area Breakdown Tool can optimise this process even further. We are excited to demonstrate this new capability to our customers at UDT 2018”.

SeeByte’s SeeTrack v4, the operating platform for the ABT, allows users to create Operational Areas, like Q-routes and Polygons, potentially covering a large expanse of ocean, for mission planning of unmanned systems. SeeTrack also supports the import of Q-routes and Operational Areas, through common formats such as Additional Military Layers (AML).

SeeByte’s Neptune which provides a goal based mission planning, and real-time autonomy engine, can automatically optimise the output from ABT to minimise the sortie duration and maximise tasking across the entire squad.

Area Breakdown Tool dividing a large polygon into smaller survey areas through SeeTrack software

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