Detect and Classify Mine-Like Objects

Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) is the tool of choice for analysing side scan data from uncrewed maritime systems. Designed as an assist tool, the ATR provides a post mission analysis (PMA) workflow with robust, reliable results, regardless of the data volume. We have worked with the US, UK, Dutch, Belgian, Australian and New Zealand Navies to provide them with our ATR system.

Analysing large volumes of data over long periods of time results in fatigue and can impact on performance. Our ATR uses fast, machine learning techniques to detect and classify mine-like objects from the side scan sonar data. It provides a measure of how ‘mine-like’ each of the targets is and can be used to decide if the target is a mine or a false alarm. An updated workflow for common tasks, such as managing multiple views and fusing duplicate contacts, improves mission tempo.

Key Features

Our ATR System provides consistent, repeatable PMA performance for improved mission tempo.

The fusion module enables you to merge the detections generated by the ATR algorithms. This removes the need to manually review the detections, to combine, or remove duplicates, and alternative views.

The ATR System is built on top of our commercially controlled open architecture.  A Software Development Kit (SDK) allows integration of third-party ATR algorithms or Fusion algorithms.  World-wide government and commercial customers have already benefited from this capability.

Additional Modules

All of our products are designed to help manage uncrewed maritime systems, ultimately providing situational awareness across all assets within the battlespace. Our additional modules provide specialist analysis, processing and training.

Advanced machine learning algorithms require the provision of example data from a relevant operational environment with good examples of target types.  In order to allow customers greater flexibility, SeeByte offers a tuning service to enable the ATR to work in new environments or with new target types.

Embedded ATR uses fast machine learning techniques to run real-time.  Neptune logs all the contacts, including an image snippet, and can also optionally add dynamic reacquire tasks for any vehicle in the squad.  The results are fully compatible with the PMA ATR System, and can be loaded directly upon mission completion.