Mission Management for Robotic and Autonomous Systems

SeeTrack MMS is SeeByte's internationally proven multi-domain, mission management system for Robotic and Autonomous Systems (RAS). SeeTrack provides mission planning, monitoring (situational awareness) and data analysis for single or multi-vehicle operations.

As a vendor-neutral solution, SeeTrack has been integrated with numerous world leading Robotic and Autonomous Systems. SeeByte's MMS ensures the end-user learns a single way of working, with a common user interface, and suite of tools to operate multiple assets.

Key Features

From mission planning right through to post-mission analysis, SeeTrack simplifies each stage of the operation.

With SeeTrack you can effectively manage a cross-domain fleet of vehicles through a single, integrated user interface, while retaining the vehicles unique capabilities. The commercially-controlled open architecture means new sensors, or platforms can be integrated at any stage.

SeeTrack can support multi-nation RAS operations. The MMS enables any RAS vehicles and payloads to be upgraded or replaced without any impact to operator workflow, or need for operator re-training. Urgent operational requirements can be added quickly to address emergent threats or conduct a unique mission set. SeeTrack also allows use of many common standards (including KML, AML, ESRI Shape Files, and OGC Web services) to import and export data to other software tools.

SeeTrack manages all data from previous events, with detailed mission plans, sensor data and contact reporting. Search through mission history, perform change detection, and generate reports. All the sensor data gathered from multiple missions can be combined to form an integrated picture. This enables MCM teams to effectively manage operations, such as port and harbour security missions.

SeeTrack is designed to handle large volumes of high-resolution data from multiple sensors. Mission review capabilities include: target picking using our waterfall sonar review, sensor mosaic tools, and custom report generation.

                 Image data courtesy of Hydroid.

Additional Modules

All of our products are designed to help manage uncrewed maritime systems, ultimately providing situational awareness across all assets within the battlespace. SeeTrack's additional modules provide specialist analysis, processing, and training designed to significantly reduce operation time, errors and false alarms.

Our goal-based autonomy software, Neptune, is designed to ensure optimal mission execution from your squad of uncrewed maritime systems, irrespective of the changing environment. Neptune's decentralised autonomy architecture allows multiple tasks to be run in parallel, and the vehicles will automatically take responsibility for tasks.

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Our Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) detects mine-like objects from the sidescan sonar data and provides a measure of how ‘mine-like’ each of the targets is. Our system uses fast machine learning techniques to help classify shapes such as cylinders, wedges, and truncated cones. These can be run in real-time embedded or top-side post-mission, to provide reliable and repeatable results.

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Our Automated Breakdown Tool (ABT) divides large, complex operational areas, such as Q-routes or polygons, into smaller survey areas that can be assigned to a single vehicle or fleet. You can breakdown areas based on various factors, such as maximum distance, total area, or number of assets.

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